No one is you and that is your power!
Hands up if  you can relate to the following?
  • Constantly questioning who you are
  • Feeling little lost wondering where has my self esteem and confidence gone
  • Lacking motivation & energy to make change
  • Feeling anxious about the future or bit down and out
  • Afraid to get out there and experience new things
  • Feel you have a lack of time & lack of money
  • If you are honest with yourself are you only making a half hearted effort (lacking heart, spirit, or interest)

How To Ruin Your Life Video:
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The incredible journey "Wholehearted Connection" will change the way you see yourself and the world. 

Imagine what could be possible. Imagine who you could become if you aligned with your truth with the essence of who you really are, as you completely let yourself follow your heart? 

You wouldn’t even recognise yourself.
I have truely enjoyed every second of my life since I've been doing your programs and I'm so glad that I took that big leap of faith with you as my life has changed for the better. 

- Natalie
Maybe you have found that despite your best efforts, and many attempts to improve yourself or your life, you feel frustrated or overwhelmed because you just can’t seem to make the lasting change you crave. It is like you’re fighting a constant war within.
And, despite your endless attempts you can’t seem to change it.
Maybe you’re ready to give up? Or you’re beginning to think you will never get where you want to be?

Wait, I promise you—none of this is true.

Believe me, it's only half of your story. I will help you discover what's standing in your way, so you can live your full story, authentically.

My earthy, knowledgeable, no-nonsense approach means you’ll be moving forward faster than you have in weeks, months, even years.
What People Love About The Program
I have been where you are and I have walked the journey myself. Everything I teach you in this program is a reflection of the practises; I live in my own life—out here, in the red dirt, isolated from the cities, yet deeply rooted, organically to each and every one of you. 
First ever group!
Thing that people love most about the program is the wholehearted community. Connecting with like-minded people who have your back during the program and long after.

Feedback from graduates have resulted in new material and upgrades which they continue to gain access to.
Play with Nature, Don't Control Your Nature!

When you change the world around you changes.

I feel it when my bare feet touch the earth that we are part of this beautiful and unique ecosystem - we are nature. The world doesn't need saving, the world wants us to show up in all our magic.
Your Guide
Amanda Jane Mckay
Hi I am Amanda Jane Mckay, I am here to bring together a new wave of leaders who are wild and crazy about recreating this planet anew. When I say leaders - the ones who live a life they love, be the change, have their own model of success and confident in the person they are. 

I love creating experiences with intentional connection supporting wholehearted beings into the world of sacred lifestyle creation. Where we play with nature we don’t control our nature. Living a life in integrity and in alignment with our own values. 
It may seem too much for people, a bit scary, bit too big... I care deeply about what the generations to follow will think of us, I spent a lot of my childhood wondering about the impact we are having (so much so I wrote stories about hanging out with unicorns saving the world!).

I know how heartbreaking it is to feel disconnected from the world, to feel all hope is lost, to forget who I am, my truth and wonder if I do have anything to offer?

This is why I love what I do, as I support soulful beings to connect with a life they love, that is authentic and in alignment with the earth.

Your lifestyle is your message. What will yours be?

You will be guided week-by-week over the course of 8 weeks learning everything you need to create deep-seated lasting change from the inside out. You will find 3 lessons a week including a weekend challenge.

Enjoy weekend challenges that allow you to embody what you are learning and stretch you out of your comfort zone.

Become responsible on an unimaginable level. While being supported with group sessions, and access to the members’ area.
Each week you receive your video lessons via email. With each video you will find different bonus material such as PDF downloads to dive deeper, meditations and information about tools you can use to support you embodying what was in the video lesson. 

In the group we share our insights, learnings and ideas as well as sharing proof we took on and completed the weekend challenges. As a group we interact in the online group and meet for scheduled Zoom calls which again allow us to understand the material on a deeper level. Group calls are also an opportunity to ask questions and share your journey.
This Is For You If
  • Willing to take 100% Responsibility
  •  Ready to follow though
  • Want to deepen your relationships with yourself, other and the world around you
  •  Likes receiving feedback as you know it's for your growth
  •  Want to be truthful with yourself
  •  Live a life that is authentically in alignment with you 
  •  Be a creator of your life
  •  Responds to life
  •  Open mind, willing to learn/relearn
  •  Ready to show up wholeheartedly
This Is Not For You If
  • Want to blame others or circumstances
  •  Not likely to finish
  •  Happy where you are resisting growth 
  •  Doesn't like receiving feedback, takes it personally
  •  Wants to live in denial 
  •  Follows what everyone else does - Enjoys the mediocre
  •  Wait for life to someday/one day give you want you want
  •  Reacts to life
  •  Know it all - attitude of I already know this or is not open to learning new things 
  •  Will make excuses 
Love For Wholehearted Connection
"One of the reasons I joined the program was because I could not focus on being accountable to myself. Of course there were other factors as well. 
I learnt how to become accountable to myself & to others at the same time. Teaching me to be me & to be thinking of others as well. During this time I have become more aware of my responsibility, learnt the importance of meditation, exercise & the power of positive thinking.
I have been able to incorporate these practices into my daily life. I am the best I have felt & love it. If you are struggling in making those commitments to yourself & you would like to find a calmness in your life I highly recommend working with Amanda."

- Michael Cluff
"The tools that were taught by Amanda made me dig deep and push myself out of my comfort zone, with Amanda’s positivity and believing in me it has started a fuel within myself to realise my self worth and I'm on the right path of discovering the true essence of the awesome lady that I am.

It’s been 5 months since I completed the program but I’m still amazed that I carry myself in such a different way compared to how I did when I started the Wholehearted Connection. I believe in my own worth and I’m a more passionate, driven person!!!  "

- Renee McMaster
""Before commencing the program, I was letting a health condition define me. I was also too concerned about what others thought of me and together these two things were holding me back from being my best version of self. I had checked out of any sort of social life, my thoughts had become very negative and I just felt stuck, believing that it was my health that was causing all this angst. The activities and strategies that Amanda engaged us in woke me up! I realised that I was sabotaging myself by focusing too much on what I couldn't do.  

Since completing the program I have developed the strength and confidence to do whatever I put my mind to in every aspect of my life. I have reestablished my social connections, actively take time out for me, and I have a renewed focus to be me and achieve my goals.

I'd absolutely recommend this program to anyone who feels stuck and wants to take their life back."

- Justine Richards"
It's Time To Live Wholeheartedly
If you're ready to step up, embody the best version of you and discover 
how life can get any better than this... Join us now we are waiting for you - The Wholehearted Members

Only twice a year:

May 2019
Sept 2019
How Often Does The Wholehearted Connection Run?
This program runs twice a year.
How Many People Are In The Program?
To be able to create a safe space and for me to be able to connect with each person I keep these groups intimate. 6 - 11 people at a time. 
If I Sign Up Do I Start Straight Away?
To be able to create community and to go on the journey together we all start on the same date.
What platform do you use for the group calls?
Wholehearted Members meet and connect on Zoom.
Do I Offer Payment Plans?
Yes, I have two different payment plans that would suit anyone wanting to join the program.
How Long Can I Access The Program For?
If you complete the program within 6 months you will gain life time access.
Where Can I Access The Program From?
You can access my program from anywhere in the world as long as you can connect to the internet.
What If I Have More Questions?
Feel free to contact Amanda via email at - © 2018 All Rights Reserved
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