It may seem too much for people, a bit scary, bit too big... I care deeply about what the generations to follow will think of us, I spent a lot of my childhood wondering about the impact we are having (so much so I wrote stories about hanging out with unicorns saving the world!).
the Wholehearted Warrior
You Are Ready To:
  • Co-Create Your Future - Give yourself permission to connect with and create a life you love
  • BEing the change you want to see in the world
  • Discover your tribe - A community of wild ones just like you who are crazy enough to think they can change the world
  • Raise your vibration and feel in flow
  • Living a life where everything you do is wholeheartedly YOU
  • Abundantly loving, being and contributing
  • Commit To Uncovering - How Can Life Get Even More Beautiful Than This!
Connection to Nature
Connection with Others
Connection to Self
Wholehearted Gatherings
Enter stunning sacred spaces, connect with supportive like minded souls, be raw, real and feel loved wholeheartedly!
I love creating experiences with intentional connection supporting wholehearted beings into the world of sacred lifestyle creation. Where we play with nature we don’t control our nature. Living a life in integrity and in alignment with our own values. Where we allow ourselves to honour our humanness.
You are invited to exclusive gatherings for wholehearted members that pop up frequently and are included in your membership.
Attend larger events at highly discounted rates.
"I don't know if there are words that describe the uplifting joy generated when such a beautiful group of likeminded and supportive souls gather together like we did this morning!! Ongoing friendships and incredible new connections 😍😍 

For 2 years I've been on this journey with you and your Warriors Amanda Jane Mckay, and it is the biggest blessing, thank you 🙏😍💕"

- Kellie Butler
Wholehearted Members Online
Connect in conscious conversation in our inner circle.
Access Membership site anytime.
We rise by lifting others. Our Members site is full of guidance, support and fun challenges designed to hold you accountable and embody the best version of you (permission to be a super human that you know deep down you are)

Everything you'll receive:

  • Live Conference Calls -  dive into juicy conversations 
  • Feel supported - ask questions, share ideas, speak from the heart, share your unique journey 
  • Access online courses and guided meditations as you please
  • Find powerful and transformative live talks from previous events
  • Be inspired by guest speakers and bonus lessons
  • Stretch yourself with fun challenges and put your hands up for incredible opportunities 
  • Exclusive discounts to events, programs and products...
  • And so much more!
But I do want to warn you... This  is for  those wildly obsessed about connecting with a life they love and discovering for themselves what is possible... sometimes that means it's not all light and fluffy... we dive in, be real and show up in all our magic. 
The Wholehearted Way Manifesto
The Wholehearted Way 
Is for the wild ones crazy enough to think we can change the world.

The Wholehearted Way
seeks truth because although it’s hard to look at, hard to hear, hard to speak sometimes, there is nothing more beautiful.

Being Wholehearted Means
I am committed to taking radical responsibility, that means when I individually change, the world changes. I lead the way. The Wholehearted Way.

The Wholehearted Way is knowing 
That our relationships are the interface between our interior and our environment. Nothing thrives in isolation. All things are connected and together we are a whole living eco system.

The Wholehearted Way
Isn’t about living happily ever after, it is about living truthfully now & showing up for all of it.
The Wholehearted Warriors
"Becoming a Wholehearted Warrior was one of the best decisions I've made! It has given me the freedom to be me and the tools to create the life I want to live. It is lovely to be apart of such a welcoming and inspiring community with people who encourage and support you to be the best version of yourself. 

As a Wholehearted Warrior I've also been able to access events that have been life changing. Amanda has amazing contacts with fabulous speakers who all share her passion to inspire and support us to be the best we can be!"

- Justine Richards
"To make the choice to start taking care of myself for who I am was a hard decision, but what was harder was going through each day feeling more distant from myself.

That is where Amanda and her wholehearted warrior program came to help me, feel connected to myself again, regain confidence and also start taking on the world again as myself. It truly was such a liberating and influential time in my life where I always felt fully supported"

- Emma Rolfe
I love this Wholehearted community, it gives me the chance to connect with like minded people, it inspires me to be the best version of myself, it opens my mind to new ways of thinking and challenges me to step up in life! 

I am so lucky to have the opportunity to not only connect online but got to some amazing live events, the energy is awesome and Amanda is truly inspiring!

- Jackie Keenan
Your Guide
Amanda Jane Mckay
Hi I am Amanda Jane Mckay, I am here to bring together a new wave of leaders who are wild and crazy about recreating this planet anew. When I say leaders - the ones who live a life they love, be the change, have their own model of success and confident in the person they are. 

I know how heartbreaking it is to feel disconnected from the world, to feel all hope is lost, to forget who you are, your truth and wonder if you have anything to offer?

I feel it when my bare feet touch the earth that we are part of this beautiful and unique ecosystem - we are nature. The world doesn't need saving, the world wants us to show up in all our magic.

This is why I love what I do, as I support soulful beings to connect with a life they love, that is authentic and in alignment with the earth.

Your lifestyle is your message. What will yours be?
Wholehearted Creators Circle
*** Limited to 11 Creative Souls ***
Doors close on Wholehearted Creators Circle January 2019 or until spaces are filled whichever comes first.

9 Spaces left
This is for the wild ones who are ready to take that leap and step into their own leadership. 

For those who say YES to transformation, ready to open the doors and bring their business to life. 

An intimate mentoring group lead by Amanda that supports you to create abundance through what you love, allowing you to confidently share your gifts with the world, while growing your own community and business ecosystem.

Whether you are just beginning in business or have began already (yet kinda feel your just getting started) this is for you. 

Receive everything in the membership


Monthly group calls
Bonus Material
Supportive Community
Accountability to support you to follow through
*Please note this is a 12 month commitment 🙏
it's time to embody the wholehearted way
If you're ready to step up, embody the best version of you and discover 
how life can get any better than this... Join us now we are waiting for you - The Wholehearted Members
When Does It Start?
As soon as you join! The Wholehearted Tool Kit isn't a online program that you follow along although there is a courses available inside. Once you sign up you gain access to the tool kit and private group. You can begin to go through content at your own pace. 
What Is The Minimum Amount Of Time I Can Join?
If you're wholeheartedly in - you're wholeheartedly in. A minimum of 6 months. As I love people who make commitments those who join for a year receive a discount. 
What platform do you use for the group calls?
Wholehearted Members connect on Zoom.
Am I Able To Access All The Content Straight Away?
Yes! All the content is available to you upon joining. Emails are sent to your inbox to suggest where to start with the content and where to find information that can support you on your journey.
Where are the live gatherings held?
Currently the live events are held in the Dubbo region. - © 2017 All Rights Reserved
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